Bored Cast-Insitu Pile Foundation :

We are prominent organization to specialized design for modern construction works for Building beams, bridges, Flyovers, Structural works, Pile foundation for commercial buildings, Residential buildings, Bus terminus, Construction designs, Oil and Gas companies, Metro rail construction works and Thermal power plant systems.

Micro Pile :

Micropiles also provide foundation designs specialized to developed with good environmental sensitivity support for design and architectural construction works. Micropiles is used to increasing the deep foundation level of concrete works and upgrading to boost up the level of pillar beam strength. Min advantage of Micropiles are mainly used for construction work in industrial, commercial and automotive purposes

Sand Compaction Pile :

This method was mainly used in construction firm, to improve the stability with higher strength and stiffness of the ground. The parameter used for compaction pile is highly durable, reliability with low cost effective to design.

Stone Column :

This method is stabilize to most frequently in construction firm to increase the density of the surrounding soils The main advantages of stone column are to improve the bearing capacity with improve the settlements load bearing characteristics of the soils.

Soil Nailing :

Soil Nailing is a construction technique used to implementing and measuring the slope of the soil levels of retaining walls. soil nailing are mainly used for civil construction companies provides better strength to improve the earth reinforcement to the bearing capacity of the soil.

Short Gritting :

Short Gritting is the method based on application of cement grouting where by a well mixed aggregates of sand and cement is pneumatically applied to enhance with excellent quality standards methods in order to meet the design to used for commercial projects.

Under Reamed Pile :

Under reamed Pile is the method based on application to improve the construction of foundation in expansive soils. Under reamed pile are helpful to foundation works, that will improve the performance of the black soil. Major advantages of Under Reamed pile are to improve the strengthening capacity of the soil and to improve the economic development of construction works mainly applicable for industrial and commercial purposes.

Grout Mix Pile :

Grout mix pile is a method based on soil improvement technique which will helpful to improve the strength of the soil. We offer good services to the esteemed clients were undertake Industrial and commercial Ground Mix pile projects successfully completely for various sectors like Apartments ,Lodges, Schools ,Hospitals, oil and thermal power resources, Oil refineries ,Data Centres and Hi tech Engineering Companies Etc. Main Advantages of grout Mix pile are low minimal noise without any harmful for an environmental pollution.